9 Twitter Music posts before they’re even written

Twitter Music just launched and we can expect a glut of posts on it any second. Portent.com have this handy content idea generator where you bang in a few words and it gives you headlines for stories. I tried it with Twitter Music and odds on these will be blog posts within 24 hours.

  • Twitter Music by the numbers.
  • Where Twitter Music is heading in the next five years.
  • If you read one article about Twitter Music, read this one.
  • 7 freaky reasons Why Twitter Music can get you fired.
  • Why Twitter Music sucks more than the new Star Wars.
  • Why Twitter Music is the key to Hillary 2016.
  • How to stay popular in the Twitter Music world.
  • 18 Ways Twitter Music can make you rich.
  • The complete beginners guide to Twitter Music.

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