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The second Collision Course is going to be on on Wednesday February 18th, again in the Edelman Offices on Stephen’s Green. We’ll start at 6.11pm and go on for an hour and half. 30 people have stuck their name down so far for this so we’re fairly full. But add your name too as there’ll be cancelations no doubt.

At this Collision Course we’re going to get the PR and Digital Marketing people to mix more with the bloggers who are attending and to share their experiences during the time we have. On the night we’ll split into three groups, each group will hopefully have the same ratio of PR/Marketing people to bloggers and each group will be given a campaign to work on. Each group will then present their ideas on what they’d do. The purpose is to cross-train/cross-share their opinions and insights and in doing so, get to know each other even more.

Last time we all went our own ways afterwards so maybe we should stick around for a while and get to know each other a bit more or head to a bar. Last time some of us went to O’Donoghues. Perhaps we can do the same again?

Police car crash
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The next Collision Course is March 11th, again in Dublin. We’d like to try out another venue but to suit everyone, it needs to be in the City Centre. Offers are appreciated. The venue needs to be quiet so we can marvel at the sound of our own voice and needs to hold 30-40 people.

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  1. Thanks for that Damien. Really showed up how crap my presentation skills get when dealing with CORKONIAN GAA CAMPAIGNS WITH 25 MINUTES PREPARATION IN FRONT OF MY NEW BOSS.

    That aside, top job and to anyone that missed it, I learned a lot in a way I couldn’t really quantify here. It was a joy to work with a very savvy crew of online citizens and PRs. A special word of thanks to Markham for helping to shoulder the awkwardness of obtuse topic presentation.

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