Dear 2010. Please.


No more
fucking flash mobs. How out of touch and desperate for attention is a company and their advisors to do something from 2007?

No more virals. Or rather no more “we do virals” or “we will be releasing a viral”.

No more press releases about a company using Twitter. You do realise it’s like announcing you have an email address? AND USING CAPS to do it.

Please do something instead that makes me feel. Create something so wonderful that it makes me stop and turn on my heels and react. The piece of music coming from a busker as you walk down the street that bumps off you, gets absorbed and turns your spine into a xylophone of feeling. Yes that. Give me material for a story to tell or give me a story that I can make my own as I pass it on to someone else.

Creativity should be at the core of business, tech and that social media lark. Not cloning. So please 2010, can we see creativty take the lead in many aspects of life and business?

2 thoughts on “Dear 2010. Please.”

  1. And people using Twitter as a chat tool – Have they not heard of Skype/MSN Messenger/Getting a Lige – or even keeping their gobs shut for 10 minutes in succession.

    Good post Damien. Here is my new Twitter account @FLASHMOB 🙂

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