Some quick bits to read about social media

Social marketing and search marketing.

Using Facebook as a recruiter.

The Facebook Guide Book from Mashable.

Paid media to gain traction for earned media. In other words using the YouTube video promotion system to build up traffic for your video and at a certain momentum the viral nature takes over and you don’t have to pay to deliver the video in front of people.

Mobile Internet growth.

Mobile usage is ballooning across the continent and the African mobile phone market – at more than 400 million subscribers – is now larger than in North America. Some countries, such as South Africa, have ‘mobile penetration levels’ – the number of handsets compared with size of population – close to those of Western Europe.

For many people in Africa, mobile telephones are the only way that they will ever get access to the internet because of the poor quality, and often complete lack, of fixed-line networks. Fierce competition has pushed mobile prices down for consumers while many of the latest crop of handsets available in Africa allow easy access to the mobile internet. Web browsers can also be installed on older phones.

Finding the RSS/Atom feeds in Facebook.

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