Measure It! – Thursday November 4th 2010

The next Measure It! is on Thursday November 4th 2010.

The event will take place from 10am to 12pm at eircom HQ in Heuston Quarter. You can get the Luas to Heuston and then cross the road as if walking to IMMA. Thanks to Gina for organising the venue. Leave a comment if you want to attend. You can get updates about Measure It! on Twitter too. How modern.

  • Gina from eircom will talk about using “old skool” metrics to sell new skool social media to an organisation
  • Alan O’Rourke from SpoiltChild will cover how to measure Return on Investment and Earnings per Lead for social media campaigns.
  • Stephen O’Leary will show you social media coverage of a recent news item

What Measure It! is:
This is an informal event where those working in and around social media/digital/online marketing gather every month or so and share case studies or insights about social media measurement in order to up the knowledge that people working in this area have. The event is free. We normally do 2-3 10 minute presentations and Q&As around them and then you are split into groups to do an assigned task around social media/measurement. The value of Measure It! is in the sharing of information and networking with new people so don’t huddle together with your colleagues!

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