Today I learned, Today I shared, Today I got back.

My rule for doing well on social networks is: Hit at least 2 of the above points on a daily/weekly basis. Give value, get value. Today I learned, Today I shared, Today I got back.

Today I Learned

If you’re on social media and you’re mostly just browsing, what are you getting back from it? What have you learned? What have you done as a result of learning something on a social network? Have you found new links to tools that make your life easier? Have you found articles or even tweets from founders that actually give you a better perspective? Things like how you should be running your business? Has your business become more efficient after discovering something on social media?

If you’re just browsing on social media, but you’re learning lots of stuff, then that’s a good use of it. Stay on social media. If you’re just seeing lots of dances and funny videos, well, how does that help you? One way is it can make you smile and the world is shit right now, so that can be good for your mental health. In moderation. Ask yourself: Are you being entertained and channel hopping at the expense of your business? So we’ve asked what you learned today, now switch this question around. Are you the person that someone finds is of use to them on social networks?

Today I shared

Are you adding value to a social network? It doesn’t matter which social network it is. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. Are you putting information out there that shows that you’re an expert? And if you’re putting information out there, do people know what your business does? Are you putting content out there that entertains people, but it’s good for brand recognition? Enough that they recognize your name?

An example: You could be an upholstery business. On social media you can be educational and entertaining. You could do videos on how upholstery is done, this is showing your skill and talent in upholstery. This is you sharing useful and entertaining content and maybe it’s spreading and more people know what you do now. If you’re just sharing nonsense and silly little things or if you’re trying to be funny and you really aren’t funny, what does that get you? So you might have learned something today on social media, you might have shared something useful on social media, did you get anything back from these things on social media? What did you get back today?

Today I got back

Are you getting leads back as a result of you sharing things and as a result of you being seen as an expert. Are people who contact you going “Hi expert person. I’d like to talk to you. Can we have a call?” Be careful obviously that you don’t want to have these tyre kickers that just want to drain you of information without paying for it. Know your value, look at Fuck you, pay me.

Realistically are you getting something back? Are you getting new contacts? Are you building a database such as a mailing list? Are people joining that mailing list? Are people directly buying your product as a result of your updates? Are people recommending you to other people? Are you being asked to speak at a conference or speak on a podcast or give your expert opinion on something?

The holy trinity

Those three things as a result of blog posts, or your mailing lists or social network usage on a regular basis, is probably what you need. If you get all three of those, that’s absolutely fantastic. If that’s not the case, then should you be on those social networks?