Knowledge is Power – December 24th 2008

No we’re not closed for Christmas. Did you not get our e-card that told you you’ve got a goat with your name on it in Africa? Shucks, sorry.

Emily Tully, previously of TodayFM fame is now running her own PR company and has uploaded her recent presentation on PR for startups that she gave at the Digital Hub.

Broadstuff reports on the recent Facebook Group gaming that’s been doing on. It’s not just groups, I know of a famous brand where their fan page wasn’t actually theirs and none of the half a million fans realised it.

Eolai sells more paintings rapidly thanks to Twitter.

Pat Phelan sticks it to the Social Media sharks. It’s unfortunate that this new business area is full of amazingly talented and genuine people but the snakeoil salesmen have jumped on board too. It took years for the SEO business to get tainted by all these people but it seems to have taken months for social media ninja coach strategists to come along.

Techcrunch does a breakdown on the Facebook and mySpace ad platforms and which are better.

Nice report on video gaming trends.

More links during the “time off”.

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