Digital Marketing / Social Media Training Cork June 25th + 26th 2012

This course is now over but you can see other Digital Marketing Courses here. If you want to add your name to future training courses, fill in this form.

As it’s Summer, many of the organisations I do work for stop their training programmes until September. I’ve gotten a few companies asking me for training sessions this Summer but in-house training for one or two staff isn’t quite affordable for them. With this is mind I am doing 4 training modules on June 25th and 26th in Cork. I need five people per module in order to run these courses, if not, will try another run in mid-July.

I am doing four modules over two days in Cork City. These modules are a la carte. Choose one or three etc.
Price: Each module is €75 or €120 for two modules or €165 for three.

Book these modules here. (The form is not an expression of interest)

By the way. Some of the Enterprise Boards and Skillsnets offer courses that are cheaper than this so it’s worth chatting to your local one.

Update: Cork Chambers are doing courses with me in August for those that can’t make June.

Ever used the Google Keyword Tool to see what people are Googling for each month? It’s fantastic for a database of intentions. This is what people search for, can you create a website or even a business around it?

I was wondering do people Google for and instead of the proper .com addresses and it seems yes, quite a lot of people do for at least. Maybe there should be a redirect from

The below searches seem common enough: login

Cork Social Media Course – May 23rd and 24th 2011

This course is now over but you can see other Digital Marketing Courses here. If you want to add your name to future training courses, fill in this form.

How to book: Email Damien ( at )
Experience level: Experienced web usage, basic understanding of some online marketing would be beneficial.
Price: €170 per day, €300 for both days. We’ll feed you too.

What it is:
This course will be run in Cork City. Social Media or Digital Marketing or Online Marketing is using mostly web tools to market and communicate with people online. As more and more people use the web for everything, a small or giant company can market to a global audience. Right now it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google search and ads but it might be something else in a year or two. The basics though will remain the same.

The course has been designed based on feedback from businesses that have attended previous courses I have done (both day-long and weekly courses) and is quite practical in nature. Bring a laptop if you can, we’ll have desks, power and wifi for you. Detailed documentation will also be provided.

Day 1: (May 23rd) Social Media Overview

Overview of current social media trends
Search Optimisation and Website Structure
Facebook for Business

Day 2: (May 24th) Advanced Social Media
Blogging and Content Creation
Advanced Facebook – Facebook Pages customisation, Facebook Places
Devising a Marketing Plan

Facebook Places Ireland finally launches


Facebook Places for Ireland finally launched today. Some of the nerdier types have been waiting for ages to get to play with this. (Some even nerdier ones did all kind of hacks with networks toe be able to check in).

What does it mean for an individual?

More stalkeridge! You can now see where you friends are and with whom, if they wish to share this information. You can tell your friends where you are now, show them pictures from that location etc. As Facebook Places matures you will be able to avail of deals in locations near you or go to the locations based on offers.

What does it mean for a business?

If you claim your Place/location you can merge it with an existing Business Page. When someone checks in, their friends see this, might click on through and see your business details. If people are frequenting your business, why not give them the option of telling their friends? The average Irish person has 160 friends on Facebook. That’s the potential audience every time someone checks in to your location on Facebook. The longterm goal with this is Facebook Deals. Check in, get 20% off, win prizes and so on. Rewards for being loyal.

Right now: As a business, get your physical location created or claim it and enable people to check in. Get some Facebook Stickers made too to encourage people to check in!

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on Facebook Places.

The above pic is me outside Facebook HQ in Dublin with a giant Places icon. Courtesy of Made In Hollywood Props.

Links this week – Week of August 2nd 2010

Bank holiday or not, here are some links for you to munch through.

Brendan has a good post on generating leads from social media.

Lots of opportunities in using Google sets for research and insight.

Forrester tells marketers to stay away from the likes of Foursquare and other location services for now. Sure there’s only a few million highly influential people using it. Am sure the wait and see applied to the web in the early days too. It’s what you make of the medium that matters, be it 10, 1000 or a billion people on it.

Meanwhile PlacePop takes the location idea and applies it to vouchers.

I like this idea. Test drive a new Mazda via a Facebook game/app.

If you’re into PR then follow the PR Page from Facebook. Lots of tools and ideas for PR professionals.

Links this week – Week of July 5th 2010

All the Facebook stats you never wanted.

What three things should you do in social media? Well first is listening.

Ways of figuring out more about those who follow you on Twitter.

Official stats from Facebook themselves.

Facebook is the largest publisher of display ads in the U.S. beating Yahoo! 176 billion display ads, up from just 70 billion a year earlier.

Interesting idea. Using staff for your media instead of buying ads.

Links this week – May 24th 2010

Want to find mass influencers? Find: Rich, iPhone waving, young people

Games and Apps on Facebook will now be able to send email invites to play the game (and join Facebook)

Online campaigns influenced UK voters, it seems.

Ten guidelines for running an online competition.

Passing the 100+ (genuine) followers on Twitter threshold is good for business.

Is marketing on Twitter a waste of time? Seems not.

Old but fantastic all the same. Watch the real-time purchasing map from Zappos.

Facebook Ireland brings in City Targeting

There are 1.5 Million people using Facebook in Ireland. Almost 1 Million of them use it on a daily basis. There are lots of other stats we can dig out from Facebook and some are below. As of today you can see details of people in cities and get some pretty sweet extra demographics from a system that allows you to get details on age, gender, work, education, interests, birthday and whether they like your brand on Facebook already.

Facebook Ireland City Targeting

Lots and lots of cities and towns, here’s just some for Cork:
Facebook Ireland City Targeting

And the healthy stats as of publication:
1,575,720 people who live in Ireland
920,880 who live in Dublin, Cork, Limerick or Galway

699,800 people who live in Dublin
87,560 people who live in Cork
61,040 people who live in Limerick
70,320 people who live in Galway
90,980 people who live in Belfast

With this we can send targeted ads to people that use Facebook. Examples: Offer Leaving Cert grinds to kids in Cork. Offer last minute meal deals to people in Galway that like Italian food. Offer county themed T-Shirts to GAA fans in Donegal. Little bit of imagination and you can see how much fun it can be.

That’s ads. Expect to eventually do status updates targeted by Cities and location. Facebook interactions and marketing based on location details is around the corner too so stay tuned. Once you digest that and start to play with the ad system, remind yourself about Foursquare too.

Some useful online marketing links – Jan 18th 2010

Nice idea. To promote media uses of xbox instead of just the gaming aspects, they’ve been putting on free concerts with bands that will appeal to the teen demographic. Earned media.

Social media people in Ireland on Twitter. At least according to their bios.

Google allowing businesses to post context sensitive promotions on Google search results. Lovely idea.

Nike iPhone App takes colours from your photos and then designs a shoe with them.

Duarte’s blog posts are always insightful. When given an excel file full of numbers, how do you present it? Here they show you.