Ever used the Google Keyword Tool to see what people are Googling for each month? It’s fantastic for a database of intentions. This is what people search for, can you create a website or even a business around it?

I was wondering do people Google for Facebook.ie and Twitter.ie instead of the proper .com addresses and it seems yes, quite a lot of people do for Facebook.ie at least. Maybe there should be a redirect from Facebook.ie?

The below searches seem common enough:
Facebook.ie login

8000 – So here you go

Well it seems the unofficial account of Junior Vice-President Damien Mulley hit 8000 connections a short while ago. As a thank you or a “D’fuck did that happen?” style response, management has decided that he’ll give you a day of his time to consult with you or a chosen company/organisation.

You can choose a day of training on the usual suspects, a day of consultancy or a mix that you choose.

This picture of chocolate has nothing to do with this post, hello!

Few simple rules: the company does not work for telcos, political parties or alcohol companies. You can’t resell this to someone else or make this a premium event that you get payment for. Still lots of opportunities there.

Facebook Places Ireland finally launches


Facebook Places for Ireland finally launched today. Some of the nerdier types have been waiting for ages to get to play with this. (Some even nerdier ones did all kind of hacks with networks toe be able to check in).

What does it mean for an individual?

More stalkeridge! You can now see where you friends are and with whom, if they wish to share this information. You can tell your friends where you are now, show them pictures from that location etc. As Facebook Places matures you will be able to avail of deals in locations near you or go to the locations based on offers.

What does it mean for a business?

If you claim your Place/location you can merge it with an existing Business Page. When someone checks in, their friends see this, might click on through and see your business details. If people are frequenting your business, why not give them the option of telling their friends? The average Irish person has 160 friends on Facebook. That’s the potential audience every time someone checks in to your location on Facebook. The longterm goal with this is Facebook Deals. Check in, get 20% off, win prizes and so on. Rewards for being loyal.

Right now: As a business, get your physical location created or claim it and enable people to check in. Get some Facebook Stickers made too to encourage people to check in!

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on Facebook Places.

The above pic is me outside Facebook HQ in Dublin with a giant Places icon. Courtesy of Made In Hollywood Props.

Some social media links – 11 Oct 2010

How long does it take to form a habit? If you’re into marketing and want people to make your product the default they get, this is good to know.

So one ad agency gets ditched. Is it really the end of agencies? I don’t think so as long as companies don’t have the resources. Some big orgs have half a dozen comms agencies alone.

Alcohol brand or product? See the updated Facebook terms and conditions.

Saatchi and Saatchi celebrate 40 years. Showcase of their best/most known work.

How to present with a PUNCH.

Measure It! – Thursday November 4th 2010

The next Measure It! is on Thursday November 4th 2010.

The event will take place from 10am to 12pm at eircom HQ in Heuston Quarter. You can get the Luas to Heuston and then cross the road as if walking to IMMA. Thanks to Gina for organising the venue. Leave a comment if you want to attend. You can get updates about Measure It! on Twitter too. How modern.

  • Gina from eircom will talk about using “old skool” metrics to sell new skool social media to an organisation
  • Alan O’Rourke from SpoiltChild will cover how to measure Return on Investment and Earnings per Lead for social media campaigns.
  • Stephen O’Leary will show you social media coverage of a recent news item

What Measure It! is:
This is an informal event where those working in and around social media/digital/online marketing gather every month or so and share case studies or insights about social media measurement in order to up the knowledge that people working in this area have. The event is free. We normally do 2-3 10 minute presentations and Q&As around them and then you are split into groups to do an assigned task around social media/measurement. The value of Measure It! is in the sharing of information and networking with new people so don’t huddle together with your colleagues!

Measure it! Dublin – September 29th 2010

Vanue change: Measure It! on September 29th is in the Centre for Research and Innovation in Learning and Teaching in National College of Ireland. Same start time and end time.

Alrighty folks. The next Measure it! is September 29th in Dublin after taking the Summer off. Last Wednesday of the month. We’ll have it in the City Centre again at 10am.

Register your interest now. If you want to be a presenter too, let me know.

What is Measure It?
People that work and don’t work in social media come together to discuss case studies, share information and contribute to discussions around the broad theme of measuring social media campaigns.

There are generally 3 quick presentations which focus on measurements and then the crowd are given a task to do after being split into groups. This is an information sharing event and a networking event. You should try and work with people you don’t already work with.

The event is free to attend. Just leave your details in the comments section.

Links this week – July 12th 2010

Facebook now pushing 3 billion likes a day. 3 billion!!!

6 digital trends to watch. Bit boring and mainstream and ones really that are aalready happening.

More from Spoiltchild on landing pages.

YouTube Mobile now serves 100Million videos per day now.

Twitter now doing 800M searches a day.

How to opt out of Apple iAd data logging.

Measure It! – July 7th 2010 in Dublin City Centre – Reg for interest

Update: Sorry folks, not enough interest for the 7th. We’ll try for August 4th. Post to come.

I’ve been asked about doing another Measure It! for Wednesday July 7th from 10am to 12pm. If there is interest we can do one. Ideally we need about 30 people to register interest to make it worthwhile. We’ll have at least two presentations and as usual, a task to do as well.

Please leave a comment over there –> if you want to attend.

Facebook for Business: Use ads, use and update Pages

So you may or may not have seen the study we did with the National College of Ireland on Facebook usage. Check it out. It’s good! The main science bits are:

  • 71% of users looked at adverts on their Profile pages, 31% of users looked at adverts on the News Feed page (homepage).
  • Users pay more attention (53% vs. 31%) to page updates in their News Feed Wall rather than adverts to the right-hand side of the Wall.

So we might have banner ad blindness going on around the web and maybe Google Ads on the right side of results don’t get much love but it seems for Facebook so far, ads work and people pay attention to them.

More importantly in my view is that people are naturally paying attention to information that shows up in their News Feed and a business is allowed to send their updates to this News Feed when someone Likes/Becomes a fan of the Business Page. So set up your Facebook Business Page and update on a regular basis. Tie it into a Marketing Calendar. The only cost is your time.